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Amy Lyne

Transformation Coach.
Women's Advocate.
Spiritual Teacher.
Energy Healer.


Hi, I'm Amy

I am a Master of Transformation Life Coach focused on core-level change in all areas of your life.


Contact Amy for:

  • Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Women Empowerment
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
  • Spiritual Awakening Guidance
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment


Why Life Coaching?

I am here to support and empower you on your life mission.

And hey, maybe you still have doubts about life coaching. You could be like I once was – I used to mock the self-help culture and was a big skeptic of any self-proclaimed guru. That was before I understood life coaching’s true purpose: read more here.

Let’s get real about self-development: It’s a process and there are no cookie-cutter solutions. In my programs, I meet you where you are at and customize my tools and solutions just for you. All you need to do is show up and have a desire for change.

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Where Science meets the Soul

Amy combines philosophy, science, and spirituality in all her work to deliver the best tools for your self-development.

Certified Life Coaching