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I'm Amy, your Master of Transformation Life Coach. I believe the key to all powerful life transformation begins with the relationship you have with your soul. I'm here to bring you back to that inner essence so you can create a fulfilling lifestyle.
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  • Soul Alignment
  • Life Purpose & Goals
  • Overcoming Belief Systems
  • Inner Awakening Guidance
  • Relationship Guidance
  • Conscious Manifestation
About Coaching


Amy's Alchemy

All deep, inner change flows from the soul. In my coaching sessions, I help you step into your soul power so you can unlock the divine design for your life.

In my programs, I meet you where you are at and offer intuitive guidance, wisdom, and insight to bring you back to your authentic self. All you need to do is show up and have a desire for magnificent change.

About Me

The Voice of the Soul

What is your soul trying to tell you? Amy is an intuitive healer who can help you come back to your inner essence. She combines philosophy, science, and spirituality in all her work to deliver the best tools for finding your inner alignment.

Certified Life Coaching